Anemia monitoring and intervention in school-aged children

Trend of haemoglobin values with age and gender among children aged 6 months to 14 years in Kenya. Averages and standard deviations are shown with males in blue and females in maroon. Children aged <1 year are 6–11 months
Figure 2

The study examines the prevalence of anemia from school-based and house-hold surveys among children up to their 15th birthday sampled from 2008–2015 in Kenya. Anaemia has long been recognized as a major public health problem among young children in lower- and middle-income countries and is an indicator of both poor nutrition and health status. There has been little progress towards improvement of anemia in part due to its complex etiology. An added impediment to the progress is that the monitoring of anemia does not routinely target the whole population, with school-aged children (SAC) largely overlooked.

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